Sunday, 26 September 2010


My BMW headlights have been suffering UV ray damage for a long time, the lenses were white & cloudy, making nighttime driving a nightmare, plus they looked awful. I tried almost every garage in the area, all of which told me there was nothing I could do except change the headlights, a very costly operation! I looked on the internet, found certain products & advice all of which failed & the problem got worse. In France, where I live, you cannot get replcement lense covers, and to have them shipped was costly too.

But then one day whilst out driving, some kind of bug hit one of the headlights and left a clear patch. When I felt it it felt greasy.........I had an idea!!! When I got home, I rubbed some cooking oil, YES YOU READ RIGHT ORDINARY HOUSEHOLD COOKING OIL, on to the headlights with a cloth and PRESTO!!!! It worked....I couldn't believe it, they are now shiny & look like new, and it didn't cost me a thing!! And because of the layer of grease it protects against further damage. A few days later they are still shiny & clear, maybe I'll have to put on some more oil if it rains, but hey, it's far cheaper and easier than having to replace them.

If you have a UV ray headlight damage problem, I recommend you try my idea & see for yourself!! Good luck!

PS. Not sure if certain headlight covers have a preference to which kind of cooking oil but I used sunflower seed oil!!

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